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Nikoletta Polydorou (PhD)

Nikoletta Polydorou is a Choir Conductor with a PhD in Music Education. Upon her return in Cyprus, she works as a Scientific Collaborator at European University Cyprus. She has also been the Director of the Music program at the Foundation of Cultural Creativity for Children and Youth in Larnaca (2011-2016). Since 2011, Nikoletta is the Music Instructor of Faneromeni schools within the “Project for the Confrontation of School Failure and Functional Illiteracy in Education Priority Zones (ZEP)”. Through these years, she has established a good relationship with the Faneromeni community. She has the general supervision of Sistema Cyprus.

Executive Director


Petros  Stylianou

Petros Stylianou studied Symphonic and Operatic Conducting at the St. Petersburg Rimsky-Korsakov State Conservatory. Petros collaborated with various symphony orchestras in Russia, Germany, Greece and Cyprus, such as the Symphony Orchestra of Opera and Ballet Theatre of St. Petersburg State Conservatory, St Petersburg Youth Symphony Orchestra and the Greek Radio National Symphony Orchestra. He had his debut with the Cyprus Symphony Orchestra in November 2016. Petros worked also as an Assistant Conductor at the Cyprus Youth Symphony Orchestra in various Symphonic and Operatic productions. His responsibilities in Sistema Cyprus focus on the artistic supervision of the education aspect, rehearsals with the orchestra, chamber groups, sectionals, working with soloists and choir and conduct general stage rehearsals and performances.

Artistic Director and Conductor


Myria Kkali (PhD)

Myria is a young academic with a PhD in Marketing. Myria is the Academic Director of the Cyprus Institute of Marketing where she monitors academic curriculum as well as teaching quality levels. She is a lecturer in marketing, behavioural studies, global marketing as well as social marketing. Myria’s work experience in industry include media sales and customer relations. Myria’s business knowledge skills and links to the Cypriot business sector as well as her knowledge of social marketing are utilised in Sistema Cyprus in the efforts to acquire funds from the private sector, identifying stakeholders and the way in which they impact targets and goals set by Sistema Cyprus. Apart from fund sourcing, Myria’s responsibilities include communications, PR and social marketing to ensure exposure of Sistema’s theory of change.

Communication and Management Officer


Paraskevi Christou

Paraskevi has completed a BSc in Business Administration and Master of Commerce in Human Resource management and Industrial Relations.Paraskevi has served in the Board Council of Cyprus Youth Clubs Organisation at the position of the Treasurer. In addition, she is the Vice-President of the European Confederation of Youth Clubs and the Finance Secretary position in Cyprus Youth Council .  Her long-standing commitment and the work she has carried out as a volunteer and active member of Youth bodies in combination with her personal beliefs and integrity that feature her character are of great value to Sistema Cyprus. In addition, with her experience in finance she is responsible for fundraising from the public and the European sector.

Fundraising Officer

Sistema Cyprus

Sistema Cyprus is an El Sistema inspired program which aims to provide all children and young people with free music education through orchestras and choirs. The second aim is to promote respect and recognition of vulnerable population groups from the society. Sistema Cyprus operates in the area of Faneromeni in Nicosia, in the “Home of Hope” (Hope for Children CRC Policy Centre) and in the area of Ayios Lazaros in Larnaca, providing more than 100 children and young people with free instruments and lessons.

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"Let us reveal to our children the beauty of music, and music shall reveal to our children the beauty of life" - José Antonio Abreu, Founder of El SIstema 

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