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The Educational Materials below have been developed in the frame of different EU-funded projects, in cooperation with numerous partners throughout Europe.

Who are these materials intended for?

Musicians, music teachers, general education teachers and non-formal music educators working with children and young people from disadvantaged socioeconomic backgrounds and children and young people with a migrant background.

Feel free to download and use these materials, we hope they will be an inspiration to your work!

M.U.S.E. – Music Unites Through Social Equity

M.U.S.E Music unites through social equity

The toolkits below have been developed under the project “M.U.S.E.: Music Unites through Social Equity”, co-funded by the Preparatory Action ‘Music Moves Europe’ by the European Union.

These toolkits present five different approaches of using non-formal methodologies for music education, offering a valuable resource for professional development to youth professionals working with students with less opportunities, and especially students of migrant and refugee background.

  • M.U.S.E.: Community Music Workshops Toolkit – DOWNLOAD
  • M.U.S.E.: Upcycling Music Band Workshops Toolkit – DOWNLOAD
  • M.U.S.E.: Songwriting Workshops Toolkit – DOWNLOAD
  • M.U.S.E.: Creative Music Technology Workshops Toolkit – DOWNLOAD
  • M.U.S.E.: World Music Choir Workshops Toolkit- DOWNLOAD
  • M.U.S.E.: Comprehensive Toolkit – DOWNLOAD



"Let us reveal to our children the beauty of music, and music shall reveal to our children the beauty of life" - José Antonio Abreu, Founder of El SIstema 

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