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A Royal award for our Executive Director

August 2020

On Friday the 21st of August, 2020, the Executive Director and co-founder of Sistema Cyprus, our very own Nikoletta Polydorou was honoured by Her Majesty Queen of the United Kingdom Elizabeth II. 

Her Majesty the Queen, as head of the Commonwealth, has recognized Nikoletta, representing Cyprus, as the 153rd Commonwealth Points of Light recipient in honour of her exceptional voluntary service supporting marginalized children and young people through music education and the work of Sistema Cyprus. 

Thank you to the UK in Cyprus - British High Commission Nicosia for hosting us today for a day we will never forget! So proud!

Photo credits: Leda Ayiomamiti

Read more about the award here: https://www.pointsoflight.gov.uk/sistema-cyprus/

Sistema Cyprus participates in Side by Side: Digital

June, 2020
In mid-June 2020, children and young people from all over the world gathered in Gothenburg to play in orchestra, sing in choir, create and develop together. Through music, we build bridges between people, cultures and continents.
The International orchestra and choir camp Side by Side by El Sistema is a part of Gothenburg’s 400th anniversary which we, together with children and young people from around the world, are celebrating with lots of joy and creativity all the way to the Jubilee Year 2021, and far beyond.
Due to the corona pandemic the 2020 camp was transformed to Side by Side: Digital, with online participants from 30 countries. The Final Festival Concert was a live streamed meeting point for both participants and audience. Sistema Cyprus represented Cyprus in this unique event.
Here you can experience the Festival Concert, a wonderful music manifestation of hope and community 🙏

Kids Guernica Mural, for Hiroshima Peace Memorial Day 2020

June, 2020
Visual Voices and Sistema Cyprus created a beautiful #KidsGuernica Mural that was sent to Japan for the #HiroshimaPeaceMemorial Day 2020. Making all of this possible was the generous support from the #EmbassyofJapaninCyprus through the donation of painting materials.
The annual Hiroshima Peace Memorial Day will take place on August 6, 2020 with a global broadcast from the Former Bank of Japan Hiroshima Branch. The memorial will commemorate 75 years since the atomic bomb was dropped.
Heart of Peace ひろしま, a Japanese NPO, has organized a series of events from around the world that share messages for peace through art and music. They have asked Visual Voices, a non-profit organization focused on international arts-based peacebuilding, to take part in the presentation and to contribute directly through the painting of a Kids Guernica mural with youth in Cyprus. Kids Guernica paintings are on canvases as large as Picasso’s original Guernica. It is a global art project with children from around the world expressing the spirit of peace. The mural will be curated alongside other international artworks sent to Hiroshima in solidarity and for a more peaceful future.
The mural was painted by youth participating in #SistemaCyprus. Two of the Sistema youth collaborated in creating the design and the painting event was a great success. Visual Voices was overjoyed at the opportunity to work with kids from Sistema Cyprus for making such a beautiful mural with such a positive message!
The mural has now been packed and shipped to Hiroshima for the memorial on August 6, 2020. A big thank you to Sergio Vaccaro for the portrait photos and to Elia Neophytou for her artistic guidance!


"Let us reveal to our children the beauty of music, and music shall reveal to our children the beauty of life" - José Antonio Abreu, Founder of El SIstema 

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